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Dr Susannah Jacob

Research Project Manager

Qualifications: MBBS, MD (Pathology), MHA, PhD
Career Summary: Worked in cancer services research for 18 years at the Collaboration for Cancer Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CCORE). Prior to working in health services research, worked as a pathologist in India.
Contribution to field of research: Development of benchmark optimal utilisation rates for radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with the results published and widely cited in international journals. My PhD research was on the development of models of optimal chemotherapy utilisation for cancers of the lung, colon, rectum, brain, prostate, testes and leukaemia.
Research Output and Teaching: I have published over 30 papers in peer-reviewed international journals. I am currently supervisor for 3 postgraduate research students at the University of New South Wales.


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E1 - Conference Abstract